Monday, December 5, 2011

helooooooooooooo (: hehe just a quick update. ummmm, hello decemberr!
im really looking forward for christmas ): lets countdown together ok! ohkay u do the counting down, just tell me then i write here HAHAH. :) ohkay thast all for now, im really enjoying holidays cause i can sleep in evyer morning (: omg, till like 12pm, then its lunch time! haha im lovin in! (Y) x

puss in boots is a must to watch! (:

Friday, April 8, 2011

I haven't been blogging lately, for a week or two. first of all, GLEE IS AWESOME (: i loveeeeeeeeeeee it. it's so addictive! :) ugh, tell you the truth, this year is just so hectic for me. people use to say its honeymoon year. wth!? it's not weih.. they say it cause they experienced it before, like duh. but when you're currently facing it, then it's another story. ish ..

Thursday, March 24, 2011

SZETENG, you don't have bulimia :)

Greetings!it's currently 11.31pm heh ;) so the thing is, chemistry paper prompted everyone to got so dismal! but it wasnt for long though. hahhaa, CHS idol auditions is tomorrow, goodluck for those who participate, especially Sarah, Wyn yun, Ji wei and mun how (: all the best guys you can do it!

would it be imprudent for me to stop volleyball? ): i love volleyball, but then there's studies! studies are vital people! but then outdoor activities too right!? mama says i've been involve in too much stuff, which I seriously doubt so, i didnt' even join CHS IDOL this year! though i know i cannot sing lah, but still i merely join one club ;0 or am i just being obstinate ):
i should seriously stop complaining. i've been complaining alot ;0 oh noooooooooo! AND AND. please pray for easter rally to be successful! PLEASEEEE :) it's an anual thing so if easter rally were to cancel this year. i dont' know what else would happen to my shcool's cf. please support me! like i support interactors by going to their ICCC! hahaha, i know szeteng you're reading this (: hehe! just to let you know, i still have to coax my mum into this :) hehe and you dont' have bulimia babe. x

till then.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what time is it?

hello earthlings (":see! i've promised to constantly update my blog and i did not abandon it.
So today was sukan tara for kuning. sadly to say that, the field was abysmal! like seriously the whole place was filled with WET YUCKY MUD. and its those kinda sticky ones that goes in between your toe nails! yuck! so bad luck we had ): oh did and i was so proud of MELISSAPOK that she could jump and got a point for long jump (": and esther too. they were really awesome, got a tumultous applause from all of us (: hehe. WAT TA GO MEL AND ESTHER!

AND! i am not loving the life of form 4 ): i don't like it. sigh. its just frustrating even in class, and with all the relief.. it's still so boring! i saunter around the classroom searching for things to do, and you know what. there's actually nothing i can do except just sit in my place and finish my book. eveyrone got their gangs and are all split into so many different groups alreaady. guess i just have to get use to it.FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

broken pass times.

Why is it always raining nowadays? ):
i used to like the rain, but on second thought.. not anymore.
its so sad and moody..

Things have changed between us.); i can't say i like it. cause it's like I don't know who you are anymore. we're like a complete strangers. after today, I realize maybe we ARE a complete strangers after all. the past is in the past huh, i can't concentrate or do anything. just kept thinking about the past. and it's preetty sad plus it's raining now. wth REALLY!? -.- this makes it worst. thanks alot! there's really nothing i can do to change back time, its inevitable. even worst, this makes me shrugged everytime i see you. )'; i hate this..

Friday, March 18, 2011

Frankly speaking, i dont think anypne comes here and read blogs anymore. no seriously i don't think they have the time to even update or write about it in their blogs. most of them just twit or facebook it in facebook (: ahh. facebook. what would the world do without it.

so anyways, i have decided to just blast out what i want to write here. since i know there's not much people really interested in reading blogs. right? haha. (: i just watched the movie called love and other drugs. it was not bad, really long and touching movie. i do not encourage you to watch it with your parents, or your lil sisters.

today is a friday. YES IT IS! omg.time flies you know, and then monday school will be open again. sigh, back to the normal life, PLUS! we'll be getting our results back too. i'm really not ready for it. seriously. first science paper of the year. ;D ahhhhhh, i would not flunk any subjects of course, i need to at least have a pass! :) which i seriously doubt for my chinese. why is chinese so hard? if the chinese in malaysia is already that hard, how about the chinese standard in CHINA!? omg. or is it just me? i'm that dumb to understand simple chinese? crap ): i feel horrible, as a chinese some more. and i SUCK, really.. SUCK! in chinese )';

One day! just one day, when i have the motivation to brush up my chinese ,i will consider to write my whole diary in chinese. I PROMISE! when i fail or anything lah, but not now! i'll just stink to pure english. who knows i'll be writing my blog in chinese next time. haha! that would be weird..

then again, its the most hectic time of the year. there's so many things to do and it's already march! time REALLY flies, there's camps, easter rally which i'm really looking forward for, then there's kuning and sports practice. plus i'm 16 this year! sweet 16! nothing really sweet about that though, come to think of it its just another year getting..mature i should say. not old (: hehe. which means we'll be marching for kuning. as much as i love kuning, i really hope we wil lwin this year. mmmm, i should say maybe get second? first is ungu thats for sure, but miracles do happen people! so lets aim for first shall we? (:

what elseeee.. i've missed missions camp this year ): i feel horrible for not joining it. really, but then i got to spend some time with my mum in penang. she's really awesome, she drove me all the way there. yup just the two of us, brother has been busy with college nowadays. i dont get it. college students usually goes to college late? andd i dont know have a rest day? but not him, he's schedule IS PACK. very pack indeed, so since january, i didnt really get to eat with him during lunch. excluding the weekeneds, he's always out by his own grabbing a munch of subway or mamak. it's kinda exhausting actually i wont' want to have that kind of life next time. do you?

so PENANGGGG! moving on, me adn my mum was suppose to climb the hill there in botanical garden. but then she didnt bring her pants. what a bummer ): instead, we went shopping the whole day. haha it was a good mother and daughter bonding session. by choosing heels and dreeses oh yse it was (:

there's still so MUCH more things i want to say..and do! but then its a friday. i love fridays i really do. BUT NOT TODAY LAH. cause there's only two more days till school reopens ): till then. peace. (Y)

by the way, (Y) is a love sign rite? i dont get it! people use that as a love sign what ever happen to the old fashion <3 or ''love'' haha :) bye now.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When you felt a sense a faint potentiallity for happiness and not let go untill it drags you face first out of the dirt. This is not selfishness, but obligation. you were given another change of life itis your duty to find something beautiful in life, no matter how slight (":